Valued Partner in Technology Investments
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John Glanville serves as Manager and General Partner of this entity.  Through this partnership, John has made the following investments, often times in conjunction with outside investors.

Airsis, Inc. is a diversified technology company with a 10 year track record of providing innovative solutions to a wide range of customers.  They have three main business lines:  enterprise software development, remote asset management and maritime solutions.  They offer standard products, custom solutions, and engineering support.  What links the three businesses together is their common mission to apply technology solutions that help organizations perform more effectively.  They are intensely focused on providing solutions that increase operating efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer services.
(Original investment date:  September, 2005)

Clinical Microsensors, now part of Motorola Life Sciences, develops, manufacturers and markets innovative tools for genetic analysis that promise enhanced solutions for biomedical and industrial needs.  The eSensor™ DNA Detection System is one example of an advanced tool specifically designed to meet the demands of clinical, pharmaceutical and industrial customers who need access to reliable DNA testing capabilities in an easy to use and cost effective format.
(Original investment date:  1997)

Clupedia is the encyclopedia of clues from crowds.  What Wikipedia is for words, Clupedia is for clues - which could be ratings, reviews, opinions, recommendations, suggestions, notes, favorites, links, and blogs about anything and everything from products to politics and everything in between.
(Original investment date:  September, 2006)

Evryx, also known as Snap2Link in the United States, and ShaLink in Japan, is a mobile visual search.  You can receive information about anything by snapping it with your camera phone.  Your phone sends a photo to Snap2Link/ShaLink, which recognizes the object and directs your phone to the website.

(Original investment date:  June, 2007)

High Country Tek provides modular, microprocessor-based software and ruggedized hardware for mobile equipment used in construction, agriculture, mining, transportation and other industries.

(Original investment date:  October, 2005)

MAKE IT WORK is the neighborhood computer support company.  They provide onsite services and support for home computer users, small businesses and the mobile workforce.

(Original investment date:  October, 2005)

MapLink has become the North American distribution center for the map publishing industry.  Their warehouse, located in Goleta, CA, a Santa Barbara suburb, is comprised of 31,000 square feet and stocks over 100,000 different map titles.  About 65 people work at the warehouse and several others live in scattered locations around the United States.  About 1,500 to 2,000 parcels are shipped out every week to thousands of store customers in North America and around the world.

(Original investment date:  January 2004)

MyShape is an innovative online women's fashion retailer providing members a personal shop with clothing that matches their measurements, body shape and style preferences.  myShape is leading the evolution of e-commerce for women's apparel by simplifying online shopping, giving busy women a great way to easily shop for clothes that fit, flatter and look great -- making shopping online convenient, creative and successful.

(Original investment date:  August, 2006)

Net Exchange was founded by faculty members from the California Institute of Technology and is the creator of the first internet-based exchange marketplace.  Their products enable businesses to harness the expertise of their employees, outside experts, or members of the public in order to capitalize on the best approach, determine the most anticipated outcome, or capture public opinion.  As members of academia, Net Exchanges' Management Team maintains close relationships with economic laboratories, giving them access to the latest research in economic theory - translating to first-hand practical applications.

(Original Investment date:  February, 2004)

Outside Labs develops proprietary, technologically superior, and clinically proven sun care and skin care products for athletes and active individuals.  Outside Labs has developed a proprietary sunscreen that delivers nearly twice the UVA protection as Coppertone Sport, the #1 product in the US. Since the sun’s harmful UVA rays are primarily responsible for long term skin damage and skin cancer, this marks a significant improvement in skin protection available to consumers.  Distribution licensing partnerships are in place with two successful and highly complementary action sports brands, Hawaiian Island Creations (“HIC”), K2 Sports (“K2”) and 

(Original investment date:  July, 2007)


Rainfinity, acquired by EMC Corporation, is the world's leading developer and provider of information infrastructure technology and solutions.  They help organizations of every size around the world keep their most essential digital information protected, secure and continuously available.

(Original investment date:  February, 2002)

Soda Head provides a venue for users to create a poll to share with friends, with experts or with complete strangers.  The user determines if they want to rely on the conventional wisdom, the opinion of their friends, or that of experts.  It is a unique way to harness the power of the internet.

(Original investment date:  November, 2006)

TerriG, Inc. is a creatively driven, all-inclusive marketing agency with expertise across the full marketing mix.

(Original investment date:  December, 2006)

The Athenaeum Fund is a venture capital limited partnership.


Eidogen-Sertanty is a San Diego-based company dedicated to delivering pioneering informatics technologies that will drive drug discovery in the post genomic era.  Through the integration of advanced ligand and structure-based informatics techniques.  Eidogen-Sertanty's software and solutions effectively bridge the existing knowledge gap between biology and chemistry.
(Original investment date:  October, 2001)

Fulcrum Microsystems was founded in January, 2000, based on advance research conducted at CalTech by the company's founding team.  Fulcrum Microsystems is applying a patented circuit technology and designs methodology to deliver high-performance standards-based interconnect devices for use in computing, storage, and networking applications that are differentiated from traditional switch chips by their lower latency, higher level of integration, and improved power efficiency.
(Original investment date:  March, 2000)

Language Weaver, Inc. was incorporated in January, 2002 to commercialize a statistical approach to automatic language translation and natural language processing, statistical machine translation software or SMTS, as they call it.  This breakthrough technology overcomes the weaknesses that have limited commercial success for machine translation in the past.
(Original investment date:  December, 2002)

Syagen Technology Inc., was incorporated in 1996, and is an analytical instrumentation company that has developed leading mass spectrometry technology for conducting high speed molecular analysis.  The Company's patented instrumentation was originally developed for aviation security and chemical threat detection.  Syagen has adapted this in biopharmaceuticals, drug discovery and biotechnology.
(Original investment date:  September, 2001)

BERWICK INVESTMENTS, L.P.  John Glanville serves as a General Partner of this fund, which invests in fixed income, public securities and private companies.

BIRCH PARK LIMITED  John serves as General Partner of a family partnership investing in both public and private corporations.

CLEARSTONE VENTURE PARTNERS is an independent venture capital firm with offices in California and India.
(Original investment date:  December, 1998)

ESCHELON ENERGY PARTNERS  There are holdings in both Eschelon Chroma and Eschelon Milagro.
(Original investment date:  March, 2000)

GKM VENTURES  With offices in Los Angeles and Redwood Shores, CA, this venture capital fund invests $1.5 to $4 million in expansion-stage technology companies located in the Western U.S.  The primary industry sectors in which the fund invests are communications, enterprise software and IT services, semiconductors and digital media.  GKM Ventures is a licensed SBIC.
(Original investment date:  December, 2001)

OAKTREE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, L.P. provides highly professional management in a small number of sophisticated investment specialties with a primary emphasis on risk control.  Investments include:
     OCM POF IV (Original investment date:  December, 2006)
OCM OF VIII (Original investment date:  June, 2007)

PARIS RE was formed in response to rising global demands for reinsurance protection at the initiative of an investment consortium led by Stone Point Capital.  PARIS RE is the successor to the business of AXA RE of the AXA Group.
(Original investment date:  November, 2006)

Ripplewood Holdings, LLC is a private equity firm that specializes in late ventures, growth capital, acquisitions, buyouts, management buy-ins, recapitalizations, turnarounds, and consolidations. Ripplewood focuses its investments in the following areas: consumer products, education, financial services, medical services, electronic equipment and components, food manufacturing, chemicals, technology, industrial equipment, publishing, advertising, auto, and general retail.

warburg pincus, a private equity firm with over 40 years of experience, more than $26 billion invested in almost 600 companies in more than 30 countries.
     Warburg Pincus Equity Partners, LP
     Warburg Pincus International Partners, LP
     Warburg Pincus Private Equity IX, L.P.