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Southern California’s venture capital community may be overshadowed by the Silicon Valley, but it is a community that is growing significantly while focusing on areas such as information technology, medicine, materials and social networking.  The continual growth can be attributed to significant investments in the education and research centers that drive the leading edge of technology.

Within the Southern California area the academic leaders include leaders such as the California Institute of Technology, the University of California (Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Irvine campuses), Claremont Colleges and leading research centers, such as the Jet Propulsion Laboratories, Hughes Research Laboratories and industrial research centers for Boeing, Northrup/Grumman (TRW), Raytheon, Amgen, Medtronics and others.

Within in the Athenaeum Capital Partners portfolio are numerous companies that benefit from the link between innovation, management and capital to see their innovated processes reach the international marketplace.   We specialize in early stage investing through our relationships with research institutions, wide network of management talent and ongoing relationships with other investors and/or investor organizations, such as the Pasadena Angels and Tech Coast Angels.